“I would recommend Rob highly to anyone…He is perfectly suited to work in any office environment. He’s creative, thoughtful, bright and funny. When it comes to Rob Hall, there’s no ego but a lot of talent.”

Joanne Hock
President and Owner of Grey Hawk Films

“I have worked with Rob on numerous projects over the past 10 years or so. We worked together extensively in exploring the right materials, methods of construction, processes, etc. to produce Rob’s creative concepts and vision. I have an extensive portfolio of great sample pieces designed by Rob…from a Custom Binder, Custom Index Tabs, Brochures, Data Sheets, Custom Presentation Folders, a Leather Portfolio, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Marketing Collateral and more. I have truly enjoyed working with Rob in the past and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Kevin Sullivan
Owner of Source 1 Printing, Packaging and Media

“Rob has worked on a number of projects for Charlotte Metro, most notable were his contributions to our reformatted Web presence and our latest TV commercial. Rob designed our new Web site and contributed heavily to its implementation by taking part in training with our maintenance staff. Rob also contributed his graphic design skills to our ‘Fee Pig’ commercial by creating a brand identity for a fictitious coffee shop used in the promotion.”

Nathan Tothrow
Chief Marketing Officer at Charlotte Metro Credit Union

I have had the pleasure of working with Roi, Hall on designing a logo for my bueineee, William E. Scheer 6ulldln0 and Deelgn. He hae many talents and le one of the moat profeeelonal and creative pereone I have worked with during thle project. Some of hie most prominent tralte are those that have enabled him to l:>e eucceeeful In the design Industry Include a true passion for the work he doee, knowledgeable and desire to achieve the very beet. However, the trait that eets him apart le hie ability to gain a t􀀳orough understanding of hie cllente neede. Rab hae been extremely eaey to work with because he ie very proficient in the design Industry and an Incredibly talented deeigner. Rab hae proven to l:>e honest, dependal:>fe, hard working and alwaye willing to take on a challenge. I feel certain that these qualities and tralte wlll continue to posltlvely Influence future endeavors that he ehould choose to pursue.

William E. Scheer
Owner and President of William E. Sheer Design


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