Rob_HallI began my career in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1998 with C.A.Short, designing emblems and rings as well as catalog layout. In 2000, I relocated to San Francisco, California in search of industry stimulation and career growth. I spent four years in the Bay Area working for the prominent company, Moz Designs.

I am fortunate that throughout the course of my career, I have been able to work on a wide variety of design mediums and campaigns in print and collateral design, logo and identity design and web design and development. In addition, I have worked with many of the worlds top brands such as General Electric, Lowes, Capital One Financial and Arby’s Restaurants, as well as, more regionally known companies such as Noble’s Restaurants and CATS in Charlotte, NC.

I tackle every project with an “out-of-the-box” approach and produce the most effective, creative solution. Over this past decade in the design industry, I have produced award-winning designs and am proud to have been recognized with awards such as the ADWHEEL Television Advertisement for Charlotte Area Transit System “You Are What You Breathe” and the Five Communicator Awards by the International Academy of the Visual Arts for the “Coach” and “Fee Pigs” commercials.

I am extremely well organized and team-oriented, which has enabled me to successfully coordinate and execute multiple projects simultaneously. With over a decade of growth and experience in the design industry, I look forward to meeting all you creatives out there and expanding my horizons in this wonderful industry in which I toil and adore.

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